The holiday season not only brings joy and celebration to our homes, but it also brings a renewed focus into one of the most important areas of our home: the kitchen.

From entertaining family and friends, to spending more time at home, to preparing family feasts, an influx of holiday guests can highlight some areas of improvement in your kitchen space. This year’s gathering might get you dreaming about how a kitchen remodeling can make next year’s festivities even better.

Let’s look at the must-haves and the newest kitchen renovation trends in 2024.

Create a sense of calm

Your own home should be a place of peace of serenity, and that ties into the heart of your home: the kitchen. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests: “The most important goal when selecting specific kitchen colours is to create a sense of nature, calm and harmony.”

We spend so much time in our kitchen and our days always pass through the kitchen for many sit-down moments and meals. Creating a balance of calm is important, so every moment in the kitchen can be cherished.

Connecting the kitchen with the outdoors is a creative way to surround yourself with that calming sense of nature. Having your kitchen renovation contractor install large windows, window walls, or large glass doors can act as a frame to showcase the changing seasons and bring in more natural light to the space.

It’s easy to enhance the connection to nature by including organic and natural colour themes, fixtures, and décor throughout the kitchen. Layering warmer whites with earthy greens and wood tones can invoke a natural calmness, and utilizing metals in gold or black lends additional warmth to the atmosphere.

A focus on wellness, nutrition and sustainability

Kitchens are also a place for wellness and nutrition. A larger fridge provides more storage for things like fruits, vegetables and fresh greens. With adequate storage for these healthy lifestyle items, you’ll be more inclined to reach for some fruits or veggies when preparing a meal or looking for snacks.

With so many new kitchen appliances that integrate functions such as air frying, steaming and pressure cooking, preparing healthy food at home has never been easier. The challenge is where to keep these gadgets handy without taking up too much counter space.

With sustainability also in mind for your kitchen renovation, you can increase your kitchen efficiency and reduce waste with a dedicated section for built-in recycling and compost storage. Energy-efficient and water conserving appliances have also become a most asked for feature with modern kitchen remodeling projects.

Make your kitchen island inviting and purposeful

Where the food is, the people will be! This means your kitchen island will continue to be the central hub for all the action. Island counters are growing larger to allow more working and serving space, which also offers a more spacious area for socializing in the kitchen.

Kitchen islands are evolving to become a design focal point of a kitchen to showcase the beauty and functionality of the space. During your kitchen renovation, consider using different materials, colours, and countertops than the surrounding perimeter cabinetry and counters. To really make your island pop, why not add custom lighting over the island for a show-stopping statement?

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Custom lighting over the island adds drama to a kitchen.

Start thinking about your kitchen renovation wish list

While it’s too late for a new kitchen this year, now’s the perfect time to take stock of your space and how to maximize that kitchen remodeling project to help the chef in your family. A little planning can ensure next year’s holiday gathering will be the best one yet!

During some time off during the holidays or in the new year, compile a list of your top kitchen frustrations. What worked well and what didn’t work during those holiday meals? How were the interactions with your guests? Did you feel you had enough counter space?

Were you constantly running around looking for kitchen utensils or appliances you didn’t have handy? And what about the lighting? Were you working in your own shadow or squinting to read recipes because of poor lighting?

Pioneer’s “different by design” promise

Any kitchen renovation is a big undertaking. Start thinking about your wish list must-haves now so Pioneer Craftsmen can help build your dream kitchen in the new year. Our unique design and build approach will ensure all your ideas and the latest kitchen trends will fit perfectly into next year’s holiday celebrations.

You wouldn’t trust the most important room in your home to just anyone. That’s why your closest friends and neighbours in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph call on Pioneer Craftsmen.

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