Why Design-Build vs Contractor?

There's lots of decisions to be made for your upcoming renovation, but the most important one begins with who you decide to work with. You could go with a design-build renovation partner like us or a general contractor. Both are very different in what they offer. While we can’t make the decision for you, what we can do is share some insight on why the design-build process might be right for you. Keep in mind, not all are created equal.

For over 65 years, we’ve been doing design-build renovations in a way that removes the guesswork from the process. From initial conversations to the final nail being hammered in, we consider all of the steps because we’re building what we’ve designed from scratch to deliver the creation you want.

We’d be delighted to talk with you more about why Pioneer’s design-build method is the way to go, but until then, here are a few reasons our clients have said they enjoy our design-build process:

Team Synergy

One source, one responsibility.
As a homeowner you will never find yourself playing “traffic coordinator” between the designer and the contractor. In fact, in our design-build team both sets of responsibilities are under one harmonious roof. No stress over who to talk to because we’ve got all the parts of the renovation covered. When you work with a general contractor, a lot of responsibility falls on you, the homeowner, for the success of your project. When you work with Pioneer’s design-build team, the pressure shifts to us to make everything happen and you can enjoy the process without being buried in the details.

See your team in action before construction.
We give you the ability to see how your design-build team works together during the initial design phases so that you can see how they will manage challenges during the construction phase.

Creativity is a team effort.
Bringing the design and carpentry team together at the beginning allows for creative brainstorming around unique designs, building science, and floor plan functionality.

Open communication with everyone involved.
This includes external trade contractors and suppliers. No one lives in a silo and we don’t work in one either. Everyone on the team is kept in the loop and is consulted to ensure the best fit and professional solution for your needs.

You’re also part of our team!
You’re an expert on your home and love it more than anyone. We’re experts in design-build and love it more than anyone. Just think of what we can create together. Your renovation results will be exceptional because nothing beats the process of collaboration.

No Budget Surprises

Budget matters for us and for you.
Our design and carpentry teams come together to create renovation solutions in a holistic way that results in faster development and less time lost in translation between separate teams. Everyone is on the same page working towards a beautiful renovation that balances design, build and budget.

Design-build reduces sticker shock.
Often times, clients set out to find a general contractor to price the renovation plans they had done by an architect or designer only to find out they are unattainable from a budget perspective. This results in a redesign which causes additional costs and construction delays.

We eliminate this stress, delay and added cost with the Pioneer Process. With one team developing your entire design-build renovation, we can develop whatever solution is needed to meet your budget. If a desired detail appears to be beyond the scope of your budget, we can easily provide another option or design something that’s equally as nice so it falls within it. This flexibility allows you (and us) to be in complete control of the outcome so you’re happy with your new space and there are no costly surprises.

Value engineering is built into the process.
It’s a simple point to include, but we always consider the ratio of function to cost right at the start and provide guidance every step of the way.

Less Risk, More Reward

We pride ourselves on an enjoyable renovation experience.
Your home is our responsibility and we treat it like it was our own; with great care to ensure it’s clean, safe and secure for you and your family. Although you may expect this with any renovation team, it isn’t always the case. With Pioneer, we guarantee it IS a priority. We’ve learned over decades of doing this that a clean space results in one that is safer for everyone from our staff to your family and even those fur-kids who might try to sneak in to see what’s happening in the new kitchen.

Reduce your risk and let us worry about the unknowns.
We’ve become really skilled at preempting the issues that might pop up, but are equally skilled at managing any unknown surprises that arise too. Let us worry about them, it’s our job. We’ll make sure everything gets sorted and attended to promptly.

We are fully insured.
This also includes all of the sub-trade teams we work with. They are properly insured for liability and WSIB. We only partner with the best service providers who are like-minded in approach and are committed to exceptional workmanship and client service.

Having completed more than 2,600 renovation projects, we have some helpful tips and strategies to help you survive your renovation.
For example, if you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation for an extended period of time, maybe we set up an alternate area in your home (like the basement) where you can still safely operate your stove and prepare meals. A bit of planning in key areas can make all the difference in maintaining your sanity.

Thousands of successful renovations with happy clients proves our process works.
Throughout your renovation, we have strong communication channels, clear designated roles and responsibilities for our team members, and stringent processes that allow us to avoid common pitfalls that many general contractors get into. We will deliver your project on time, on budget and according to plan.

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