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It’s amazing how these two little words can sometimes cause anxiety. Design-build renovations are a big undertaking and can be a bit nerve-racking because there are so many unknowns. We’re here to tell you they don’t have to be. Your renovation will be a great experience with us as your partner! We’ve been helping ambitious clients like you for over 65 years and with more than 2,600 projects under our (tool) belt, you could say we’ve perfected the process of what it takes to achieve outstanding success.

While there is a lot that goes into doing a renovation the right way, you can rest assured your home will be in excellent hands. You’ll be working with the best award-winning design-build team that is leading the industry. Our professional designers, hyper-organized project managers, and skilled construction crew will be with you every step of the way offering their expertise, design clout, and master craftsmanship to create a vibrant space like no other.

You’ll enjoy our proven four-step Pioneer Process. Like our renovations, it's been finely crafted from start to finish to ensure a balance of great design, effective solutions and value. Plus, it eliminates all the guesswork so we can efficiently get down to business when you’re ready to get started with us. You no longer have to worry about where to start, what’s in the middle or where you’ll end up. We’ve got the whole path mapped out and are eager to show you how truly great a renovation experience can be. So, let’s get started on your journey. We’ll make sure it goes according to plan (and you have some fun along the way)!

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Get In Touch With Us
Give us a call, send us an email or complete our project questionnaire (at the bottom of the page) and we’ll connect with you to learn more about your project. Share with us what you have in mind, the challenges with your space, if you’ve renovated before, have a budget in mind, or a timeline you’re hoping to meet. We'll also ask you what you're looking for in a renovation partner.

Our Renovation & Design Specialist Will Call You
After we receive your inquiry, we’ll share your project details with one of our Renovation & Design Specialists who will arrange a short 15-minute call with you. Together you’ll explore more specifics, discuss how Pioneer can help, and what your project investment might look like.

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Gathering the Details
This is when the excitement begins! Our Renovation & Design Specialist, along with a few key team members (like a Project Manager, Lead Carpenter and/or sub-trade), will visit you to do an intensive investigation and professionally assess your home. During this time, we’ll be able to see firsthand the kinds of challenges you’re looking to solve, your home’s structural components, and any other details that are important to the development of your custom renovation solution. We’ll take key measurements and photos to help us establish an accurate baseline 3D model of your home for the design phase.

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Site Communication
Your Lead Carpenter will communicate progress regularly in person or with a note, text message or email; whatever you prefer. A Lead Carpenter is only assigned to one major project at a time. They will be on-site every day to ensure your home is kept clean, safe and secure, your design is crafted as planned, and your job will be finished on time at the highest quality standards.

Project Management Communication
Your Project Manager will be the team leader who communicates daily with the entire Pioneer team and all sub-trades, keeping them aware of every production detail and deadline. At each key stage of your project, they will meet with you, in addition to providing weekly summaries that include key deliverables, any outstanding issues/items, new concerns, and any changes to the project flow.

Change Orders
Continuing changes, whether they affect cost or not, will be communicated directly to you via email and documented on Change Orders for your sign-off approval. Any member of the team can issue a Change Order, and the Project Manager will ensure they are signed and submitted to the right team members for invoicing, scheduling and next steps.

Punch List
Although less exciting, punch lists are a key part of our process that occurs towards the end of your project. It’s a vital tool that your Project Manager and Lead Carpenter use to evaluate the completion of your renovation. It outlines any items that might be deficient or defective and need attention. The Project Manager will then share this with you and the whole team, along with an updated timeline to complete the few remaining items. This way everything is tracked and nothing missed.


Post-Renovation Program
No Pioneer project is considered complete without our industry-leading 5-year warranty delivered by our solid aftercare department. Our thorough and thoughtful aftercare program ensures that we stand firmly beside our niche that states we provide custom-designed high-performance renovations with exceptional care and attention, and that service is precisely what separates us from our competitor’s standard craftsmanship warranty.

From top to bottom and inside out, Pioneer guarantees all workmanship, materials, and structural elements within the scope of your project that is not affected by misuse, neglect, or as stated otherwise within your aftercare warranty package.

You can trust that our team is always here and ready to help, so when you have any maintenance, service-based projects or future renovations that arise, just give us a call. We know how you like to work, and we know your home; that means we can get things done quickly with the high level of quality service and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect.

the best renovations have peace of mind built in

The Best Warranty & Aftercare Program

With the Pioneer Aftercare Excellence Program, you’ll not only have one of the best warranties in the industry, you’ll continue to receive exemplary service through our post-renovation support. Unlike other companies, our job doesn’t end when your project is finished. We’re committed to providing you with the guaranteed level of excellence needed to make sure your renovation performs at the superior standards it was built to.

To help you care for your new renovation, we’ll go through an aftercare binder that includes all the important things you need to know like product specifications, maintenance tips, and suggestions to keep everything operating at its finest. We’ll also proactively call you in six months, as well as meet with you one year after the completion of your project to talk about how you’ve been enjoying your new space and to ask if there’s anything you’d like us to attend to. If there is, our friendly team will take care of it in the timely and thorough manner you’re accustomed to.

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Customer Reviews
"From the moment we walked in Pioneer's door with an idea we felt we were their priority. Jamie's initial home visit, Jamie and Jen presenting an initial design concept, Jen taking us to numerous locations to scope out finishing details and offering design expertise, meeting our Project Manager Brian and Lead Carpenter Mark. Can't say enough about the hard work and dedication shown by Mark and his sense of humour helped as well. Actually all the trades and staff encountered were personable and knowledgeable. Having said everyone we met made us feel we were their priority, our time spent with Jen and Mark made our experience "unforgettable" in a good way. If we ever consider additional renovations we will contact Pioneer."
Five star review
Grateful Customer, Kitchener
"We were very satisfied with the project from start to finish. They were very professional and friendly. Everyone kept us in the loop and adapted to our busy family. The only real concern (before the renovation started) was the mess and keeping our boys and dog out of it. But they cleaned up every day and made sure stuff was safe and secure at the end of the day for our boys and Zoe. Big thanks to Paul, Brian and Lee. They made everything go pretty much seamlessly. Thanks to Paul for all the design help. Big, big thanks to Lee who was there every day making sure everything was done well and on time. Also, Zoe our "big scary watch" dog would like to say thanks for all the attention she received. She already misses everyone."
Five star review
Thankful Customer, Kitchener

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