For less than $9 a day, our skilled team will monitor over 70 items in your home 4 times a year, to make sure everything is running optimally. From thermal cameras to check for leaks and drafts, filling your water softener to seasonal upkeep. Be at ease knowing our Home Care Program provides access to our full Design Build and Field Team, and this means you are given priority for any repairs and future home upgrades with us.

Our seasonal checklist features straightforward descriptions and a stoplight analogy to summarize the findings:


Must Repair

This is an issue that will cause damage to your home or is a safety concern if not dealt with.



This is an issue that is not yet causing damage, or hasn't fully failed yet, but we are monitoring it as the condition is less than optimal.



No issued found.

Our costing is upfront and transparent, with the ability to add items or repairs on site a-la-carte you should choose to. Your time is valuable and so is your home, let us help you keep it running smoothly.

Why wait until something is broken to call for help? What if your home was so well maintained and protected that you never had to make the call.


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